"Instruments that breathe life,grace,and meaning in to a pastime that otherwise is simply about fish" 
​                                                           Jeff Hatton
I have a shop in Massachusetts where I have been practicing my craft since 1997.
All of my rods are fitted with the finest quality components~ nickel silver hardware,the finest Tonkin bamboo,and burled reel seats. Quality workmanship enables the discriminating owner to thoroughly enjoy the fishing experience with great pleasure and pride of ownership. Tapers have been borrowed from some of the Great Masters of yesterday ,as well as my own designs. The ultimate goal is to make a high performance bamboo fly rod. Making split-cane fly rods has been a most enjoyable journey which has been founded on the premise that "a good craftsman should have good hands,work with his thoughts,and with his heart". I found that if I followed this path I could produce bamboo fly rods that are aesthetically pleasing and perform well on the water. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of manufacturing a rod that I am proud of. 
 Most important is the fact that these fly rods cast well..